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Hello people. I am ok at flash my best animation lasts 5 secs...

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why would I tell u that?

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I thought today that I would make a new post on my account, I have no reason to but I thought it might be interesting.

I've made two finished flashes in my time, they aren't great but I've finished them. I find that, unless one has a motivation then making flashes becomes tiresome, and tedious. My title for this post is "fail to prepare, prepare to fail" and it's just my views on what makes a successful flash director, or in general as successful person.

When one takes a look on newgrounds, the most successful movies all have story lines, whereas the not so successful ones are usually through composed so to speak, in a manner of which they seem to ramble on to a very predictable ending. When someone first comes to create a flash, they first need an idea, once that has been established it must be written down, because that helps in the planning process.

Secondly, story boards and character pictures are essential to keeping on task when creating your masterpiece. I always like to be organised, as it makes me feel efficent, and creative and more of a director, so keeping tidy and clean is essential to give you that personal feel of success.

Planning and being organised go hand in hand with eachother, in the world of work, and of school that applys, so being like this can help you in the world, and not just in newgrounds! When actually making the film, you must work efficently, doing scene by scene, and getting each one perfect to what you feel is best, as long as your happy wth it, then there should be no reason why nobody else will be.

Music is easy to get, thanks to the newgrounds audio portal! However, sometimes you may be inspired by a real song, if you wish to use it, remember to credit the artist, but remeber to have a back up newgrounds song, incase your's gets taken down! Otherwise, you may be left with a silent movie.

Remember, while making it, it's quality not quantity, and if you stick to the story board, you should have what you set off to have, if that makes any sense? Once the flash is finished, make sure the start and stop buttons work, maybe a preloader as well, to give it that more professional feel to it.

Once the flash has been finished, upload it, and share it to the world of newgrounds, and start your amazing career as a flash director! However, if creating flashes isn't your thing, then perhaps a story writer would be more your area? Or perhaps, being a music creator? Either way, there's always options to leave your mark on the world of newgrounds, and that is what we has creative humans intend to do.. Leave our mark on the world.

Thankyou for reading this, I hope you can find some help from this, or perhaps even reassurance, that not being great at flash is with other people as well, and remember...

If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

God bless
Alec Vincent

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